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Arancina (or arancino)

First of all, the difference in pronunciation depends on the speaker: in eastern Sicily it’s called “arancino“, while in the western it’s called “arancina” – the most common.

Arancina is a very original product worldwide and represents the real replacement for the traditional pizza, especially for its flexibility: it can be filled in different ways and with various ingredients just like other bakery products such as pizza or panzerotto. We’re talking about an outright and satisfying product with an average profit margin of 300%

Orange-Ini has already fifteen different arancine recipes that not only reproduce those typical Sicilian recipes, but also experiment, contaminate and revisit different ingredients and flavors from other Italian regions and beyond.

The menu makes Orange-Ini absolutely international, but still firmly anchored in tradition.

Orange-Ini now has fifteen different arancine recipes which, not only re-propose those typical of the Sicilian tradition, but that experiment, contaminate and revisit also ingredients and flavors from the other regions of Italy and beyond.
It’s the menu that makes Orange-Ini truly international, too remaining firmly anchored to traditional recipes.